Why Are Sugar Babies Popular?

A lot of people ask me why sugar babies have become so popular, and why rich men like to have them. I mean, I guess having mistresses has always been a thing for guys with money. What successful man hasn’t had a mistress at some point? We call it “sugaring” and all that, but it’s really just being a mistress. A “kept woman.” I even use the handle “keptcutie” on a lot of forums.

Sugaring is not about just sex.

Being a sugar baby simply means that you have a relationship with a generous guy who will give you gifts and pay your bills. That’s really all it is. Like I said, you’re his mistress. Yes, oftentimes he’s married, or has a long-term partner, so it has to be kept hush-hush. But it’s a genuine relationship.

I love it when people say that sugaring is prostitution or “sex work.” I mean, my sides hurt when I hear that, I’m usually laughing so hard. Is being some rich man’s wife “sex work” then? Because let me tell you, it’s pretty much exactly the same thing as being a sugar baby. Same duties, same responsibilities, same amounts of cash changing hands (actually, usually a LOT more!!). The only real difference is that the wife is “officially” with him. Yeah, give me a break.

I’ve had sugar daddies who I’ve literally loved more than life itself. When somebody tells me I’m a prostitute, I just want to punch them in their ignorant noses. And not because I think there’s anything morally wrong with prostitution (consenting adults can do whatever they want, in my view), but because calling me a “whore” diminishes the level of my relationship with my sugar daddy. It’s basically saying that it’s all about just sex, and that’s completely NOT TRUE!!

Becoming a sugar baby was my best decision.

So, people are going to be stupid and ignorant, and I can’t help that. But a lot of people actually DO understand what sugaring is about, and that’s why more and more girls are getting into it and becoming sugar babies. Because it allows them to find brilliant, successful, generous men to be with who can be good PROVIDERS. That’s what mating is really all about, when you think about it.

Can Cam Girls Make it As Sugar Babies?

I have a lot of cam girl friends, and they’re constantly asking me if they could get sugar daddies for “online-only” activities. They basically want to have a rich guy fall for them and lavish them will gifts and money without having to have any physical relationship at all. I want to comment on this because I’m both a sugar baby and a webcam model, so I think I know what I’m talking about.

If you’re a cam model at say, MFC, and you want to attract sugar daddies, it’s pretty much as simple as just using the “sugar baby” tag on your model profile. Sugar daddies will find you and then it’s just a process of flirting and getting to know the dude so that you can see if you get along and like each other. If it works out, he will most likely start tipping you large amounts of tokens, and your camscore on MFC will actually go up a lot, which will help your room rank higher in the list.


At some point, you should start chatting with your sugar daddy offsite on Skype, or Discord, or something. You can also give him a texting number, or give him your voice number if he’s really generous. Almost all online sugar daddies will want to talk regularly with you on the phone, that’s the main part of it.

If you think that a sugar daddy will always want to see you in person, you’re just wrong. I know plenty of girls who have daddies that are strictly digital-convo-only. So, yes, you can actually do the sugar baby thing non-physically. But I would recommend that you learn what exactly your sugar daddy is into, because you’ll be doing a LOT of talking. Like I said, this is pretty much ALL about talking, either text or voice. So you definitely need to have things you can both talk about!

So, yeah, if you’re cam girl who wants to try the digital sugar baby game, get on MFC or Chaturbate and look for the sugar daddies on there. You’d be surprised how well you can do.

Should You Get Your Boyfriend on Chaturbate?

I’ve been camming at Chaturbate for a while, and it’s a great way to make extra money. Most of my bills are paid by my sugar daddy, so whatever I make on cam is pretty much straight spending money. One of the ways I found to increase the amount of money I make on Chaturbate is to bring my boyfriend on cam with me. Viewers there really like to watch couples have sex, so when a cam girl brings a guy on, it can really boost her token flow.

Cam girl and boyfriend

As a sugar baby, I’ve always known how to make guys happy. And let me tell you, bring a dude on with you to have sex with will really make Chaturbate viewers happy. When viewers are happy, they TIP a lot. If you can convince your boyfriends, or some friend, to go on with you, you should definitely do it. But you should keep a couple things in mind.

First thing is, your guy needs to be in good shape and have a decent sized penis. I’m not saying that he needs to be hung like a horse, but he does need to have a dick that’s a bit above average. These cam site viewers are all porn-saturated, which means they expect dicks to be large. When they see their favorite cam girl getting nailed, they want it to be with a cock that’s above average in size.

Second thing is, you shouldn’t run lots of game apps in your room when you go on with a dude. That just distracts from the main event, which should be a ticket show involving lots of intercourse. You can blow him a bit every now and then, to tease for the show, but save the hardcore action for the actual ticket show. You’ll make way more money this way.

Oh, and final thing is to make sure you have some time on your hands. If you’ve only got like an hour, don’t go on that night because it can take a while to attract the tippers who you’ll need to make this a good moneymaker. Set aside at least 3 hours so you can properly work up your room and get them hungry for the show.

Okay, I hope you people keep reading my blog, because I’ve got some great sugar baby and cam model tips to share with everybody. Thanks so much for checking me out!

Camming and Sugaring

Thanks for checking out my new camming advice blog. I’ve been doing the cam girl thing for a few years, and I’ve been a sugar baby for far longer than that. I want to blog about the camming industry, what it’s like to be a sugar baby, and other issues having to do with sex work.

One of the topics I’ll be broaching is the political situation around camming and sex work. I’m very concerned that politicians are putting sex workers at risk by passing over broad and dangerous legislation that could cause real harm to those engaging in consensual sex work.

The other major topic I want to address is the growing importance of social media in the camming world. Being a cam girl has become difficult if you’re not active on social media, and taking it seriously as far as promotion goes. I want to offer some advice on that score. Also, sugar babies need to know a lot about how to work social media too, so I’ll be going into that, as well.

I hope you like my blog! 🙂